Fusion of Cultures

One of the things that Japanese culture has, not only in food but also in the language and people’s way of living, is French influences.

You will be surprised how many Japanese buildings are named after French words, and how many patisserie and boulangerie are in existence in Japan. Thanks to the mixture of these two cultures, the Japanese foods have been being developed in ways unimaginable.

For instance, Japanese cuisine includes things like tartare, chopped raw meat; fondue, melted cheese dipping; and choux, crispy and soft buns filled with creams.

Now there appears to be a trend to bring the Japanese cultures into the French food. We are discovering new ingredients and new foods here in Japan for inspirations of Japan; Yuzu kosho, shiso leaves, miso, even rediscovering soy sauce and sake.

What else will we find today?img_4119

Remake of the Escabeche

Marinate your mackerel fillet in a warm rice vinegar, thinly sliced shallot, sliced carrot, caster sugar, peppercorn broth. 

Make a watercress purée 

Thinly slice the radish, put in ice cold water

Horseradish cream ( grated fresh horseradish with double cream, bring to the boil and leave to infused before passing through the strain), place in a small squeezy bottle.

20 Minutes top job. Delicious, fresh and an awesome way to use mackerel.

who does not love duck

I just love duck.

My favourite one is Challans duck raised in the Vendee, area of France, famous for their lean, tender flesh. Their skin is about ½  thick compared to other ducks. Other ducks skin is much more tough than Challans Duck. The meat texture is totally different as smooth as a very high quality beef.

Challans duck are extremely juicy, making them the BEST choice for anybody who loves to eat ducks.

They are allowed to roam along the canals, where rush nets are built for them. They forage for themselves free-range during this time, eating bugs, snails, tadpoles etc…when they are 8 weeks old, they are gathered into pens for fattening for market.

The appearance of a Challans Duck is similar to a Rouen duck, but having a white bib instead of a neck ring, and lighter in weight. The ducks have mostly blue plumage, but with a white feathered breast, also have yellowish-orange shanks.

Let’s stop the boring stuff

Now the good part;

What does it takes to prepare your Challans Orange Duck Breast?

  1. Make a orange caramel with fresh orange juice and Cointreau alcohol
  2. Pan fry the duck on the skin to make it crispy
  3. Caramelize the skin with the special orange caramel
  4. Finish the cooking in the oven for 8 minutes till medium rare, otherwise you will lose all the qualities of the Challans duck offers.
  5. Slice the duck and alternate the slices of fresh orange supreme with slices of duck.
  6. Top up with some of the orange caramel.



Mirey’s Restaurant

We are finally able to announce the launch of Mirey’s Restaurant (officially!) We have 4 x supper clubs each with a special menu written for the occassion – please do visit the website and join us at one (or more) of the supper clubs!

Please share with your friends & family 🙂

Info: mireysrestaurant@gmail.com
Tel: 02083173270 (booking)
Web: http://mireysrestaurant.com/
Facebook: Mirey’s Restaurant
We are on instagram, twitter, tumblr and worldpress, too! @mireyrestaurant

Testing Testing Testing…

Since the 1st October, London has picked up some cold weather and definitely accelerating the autumn feeling..

We are still busy planning our big announcement and we cannot wait to reveal some information… but we can let you know that we are so close to finalising our plan, yet we are so far from it!

More sleepless evenings ahead…

Busby and wilds

Our search for the best Sunday roast continues…

We are just visiting Brighton and visited this place. 

We had beef and lamb and they were beautifully cooked and the gravy was silky. I definitely wants to try this place again 🙂

Busby and Wilds


9 Rock Street BrightonBN2 1NF


I woke up yesterday thinking I want to make some preserves. And also something for our picnic on Saturday. So I thought I will make some pickles in mason jars.

I cut some vegetables and put them into jars. Boil one part white wine vinegar, two parts water, two tbsp of salt and sugar, tbsp of garlic and corriander seeds, pour over the veg and fridge once cooled down.

Looking forward to tasting it!