Tartare Bar in Fulham

Tartare Bar in Fulham

After our Ramen Bar for winter, we have decided to launch our Tartare bar for the summer, I have started to put 4 types of tartare and more will come as we go along. In France tartare is a speciality, every brasserie will have steak tartare mostly and they all taste the same. boring in my opinion. I love tartare, if its on the menu, I want to order and i know at 75% of time I will be disappointed, but hey, love is blind.

At Bistro Mirey, we pride ourselves, to cook french cuisine with Japanese influences. in the result we created our own version of steak tartare, the way I love and won’t never get tired of it, its been almost 2 years now we are doing this version and still the best i ever had. we have repeat costumer who only come for it and this is a good sign in my opinion.

Our steak tartare is made using scottish bavette from our local butcher HG Walter in barons court, seared the piece of beef on every corner, then finely chopped by knife. then weighed to 80gr for a starter, 160gr for a main course. then we had edamame (texture), japanese black sesame seed (crushyness), finelly diced ginger (the little kick), soy sauce (saltyness), and our sercret spicy sauce that only the chef (me) know its secret. Mix all it well and Voila.

the vision and the taste of the perfection, flavour of the meat, crunchyness, texture and mostly important the little kick, finished with a yolk of quail egg to smooth it all.

Every tartare we sell at the restaurant, are tasted by me to make sure its perfect.

As the result of the popular demands, we have decide to explore the possibilities ‘ whats next?’.

Few years ago, i remember i was in south west of France, Dordogne region. been to few restaurant and they all served the same food and mostly Duck, in all shapes and sauces, and all parts, if you don’t love duck meat then move along. We stopped at this little auberge and they served a duck tartare. I was shocked, never thought to be possible. I was wrong it was delicious. same way that the steak tartare but more gamy flavour. So, we decided to give it a go at the restaurant, also well received so far, did a little twist by adding pistachio, tarragon, red onion, chilli, soy sauce and my secret sauce. presented slightly loose on the plate, topped with the quail yolk and tarragon micro cress. sprinkle of schichimi togarashi (japanese chilli mix).

With the surge of Vegan mania, i thought it be quite easy to find a tartare for our vegan friends, came up with potential top 4 choices but when you run a restaurant you need to pick the one you will sell the most and the most interesting one and seasonal, tough love i thought, Spring and Summer time give you so much choices that it will give you an headache. decision decision!!!

  1. avocado and wakame
  2. isle of wight tomato, black olive and sunflower seeds
  3. heritage beetroot, wasabi
  4. charantais melon and cucumber
  5. on & on & on

i picked Heritage beetroot and wasabi, we will bring the rest next month or they will appear from time to time on our special board, or on a sunny days if we are lucky. the raw beetroot (purple) are partly roasted then diced, mix with shallot, capers, wasabi dressing, push down in a ring on top of thin slice of golden beetroot (yellow). Hearty, spicy, crunchy and good looking and super healthy. Thats what vegan should be in my opinion, real, simple, healthy and authentic. i am not going to go on details on the subject just yet, that will be for another blog….hehehe.

And our last addition, keeping the best for last. Chalk Farm sea trout, nori, sushi rice and avocado tartare. It look like a big sushi….lol

Farmed and sustainable fish, filleted and semi cured in one portion of salt for 2 portion of sugar with lemon zest for 24 hours. then rinse and frozen. then we diced finely, add spring onion, white sesame seeds, yuzu juice and the special sauce (so versatile) mix well

into a ring, sushi rice mixed with black sesame seeds pushed down topped wih a nori leaf, topped with fish mix, topped of sliced avocado and topped with salmon caviar.

becoming our second bestseller.

in the next month, we will have Tuna tartare, fruit salad tartare (dessert), avocado and seaweed tartare, venison (game season), tomato and cucumber tartare and much more interesting combination and with the japanese twist.

I hope you will enjoy this blog, if you have any questions or need advice, feel free to contact me.

next blog i will write about french wines and why we only use small vineyard or small production. 2 subject i love Food and Wines.





I’ve never made gyoza from scratch and when I say from scratch I’m taking about the gyoza wrapper! But it is easy and I really recommend that you try once! But it does take a long time so be prepared.

Ingredients – wrapper

  • Bread flour 300gms
  • Hot water 200 gms

Mix them together with a fork, then kneed until soft and no flour texture left. Rest for 90 minutes. Put in the fridge for a while to keep the dough cold. Split them into 30 balls, with a lot of flour on the surface, roll them into disk shape with 10cm diameter.

Ingredients – filling

  • Pork mince – 150gms 
  • White Cabbage mince – 1/2 of cabbage
  • Spring onions mince – 2 stalks
  • Ginger and garlic mince – 2tbsp
  • 3tbsp each of soy sauce, sesame oil, sake, pinch of salt and pepper

I recommend to put everything into a food processor and let it mix very well.

Take a wrapper, add a teaspoon of the filling in the middle, dip a finger  in water, wipe it across half of the outer disk. Fold the the other half over the wet part, and create 5 folds before pushing the sides together.

Place the gyozas into a pan with some vegetable oil, put the pan on medium heat, add water to cover half of height of gyoza. Cover and cook until the water is almost gone. Remove the lid, add a tablespoon of sesame oil around, cook further until the bottom is golden. You need to cook them in two batches unless you have a huge pan!

Serve with equal part of soy sauce and rice vinegar and some chilli oil.


Great food last night at SEA ME

We are in Lisbon for a week. We were looking for this tiny place where the name is too long to remember. When we find it, the queue was 35minutes long, impatient as we were, we decide to look for something else. We found this friendly bar, called the Marais, owned by a friendly guy called Thomas, here we are talking with him for hours and drinking of course. We then left to find this place he recommended us, SEA ME, Japanese food with a Portuguese twist. Amazing food, service efficient, value for money, also u can pick ur own fish to be cook on the grill. And their own DJ – how cool is that.

If you visit Lisbon, stop by and try for yourself @SEA ME.