Bistro Mirey at Home

I think it’s time to reveal what we have been “cooking up”.

It was almost a year ago when we had to make the difficult decision to close the door at Bistro Mirey in Fulham. As a business which started from a pop-up concept, we were very fortunate with the opportunity. We do have such fond memories (including the bad days!) of the Bistor Mirey in Fulham, and we do cherish those days. I probably think that we would write about that time in coming days.

Needless to say, it has been one of the most difficult years for the hospitality industry, and it would still be a long way to go, with the real scare of the second lock down around the corner across the UK, before this industry will recover to anywhere near what it was before.

We have kept ourselves busy since the closure of our brick and mortare, doing different things over the last year. Gerald has been working for a catering company, and myself learning to be a YouTuber, whilst we still talked about Bistro Mirey all the time.

So when the opportunity (personal) came up again, we thought: “Let’s restart the Bistro Mirey journey again!” We can combine all the good things we learnt over the last few years: Franco-Japanese fusion, pop-up, and catering business, and turn the Bistro Mirey into the “At Home” concept.

For many, the lockdown has changed the “eating out” idea. It can happen at home, as long as there are two things: friends and family and good food. So as long as the gathering can happen at home, subject to the government restrictions, Bistro Mirey can come and cook for you.

The good thing also is that you no longer need to travel across London to visit us anymore. So wherever you are (as long as it is within London and nearby Kent), you can now enjoy the Bistro Mirey at home. We will cook at your home, or if you hire other private location, we can do the cooking there, too.

So next time you meet up with your friends and family at home, make sure to get in touch with us to help you with your cooking!

Ko & Gerald

Find More about Bistro Mirey here:



Watch the video!

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