who does not love duck

I just love duck.

My favourite one is Challans duck raised in the Vendee, area of France, famous for their lean, tender flesh. Their skin is about ½  thick compared to other ducks. Other ducks skin is much more tough than Challans Duck. The meat texture is totally different as smooth as a very high quality beef.

Challans duck are extremely juicy, making them the BEST choice for anybody who loves to eat ducks.

They are allowed to roam along the canals, where rush nets are built for them. They forage for themselves free-range during this time, eating bugs, snails, tadpoles etc…when they are 8 weeks old, they are gathered into pens for fattening for market.

The appearance of a Challans Duck is similar to a Rouen duck, but having a white bib instead of a neck ring, and lighter in weight. The ducks have mostly blue plumage, but with a white feathered breast, also have yellowish-orange shanks.

Let’s stop the boring stuff

Now the good part;

What does it takes to prepare your Challans Orange Duck Breast?

  1. Make a orange caramel with fresh orange juice and Cointreau alcohol
  2. Pan fry the duck on the skin to make it crispy
  3. Caramelize the skin with the special orange caramel
  4. Finish the cooking in the oven for 8 minutes till medium rare, otherwise you will lose all the qualities of the Challans duck offers.
  5. Slice the duck and alternate the slices of fresh orange supreme with slices of duck.
  6. Top up with some of the orange caramel.



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