Diner after Christmas shopping 

 We were in Clapham for our Christmas food shopping, when we saw the old belgo gone and replace by Mommi, a japanese Peruvian fusion restaurant, we thought about choco matte in soho. The food was very tasty and nice combination of flavour, some was very interesting some was not.   
Purple potato fritter: heavy and dry. A bit of a let down.

Classics with a twist: scallops, streaky bacon, mushy pea and a sauce I can’t spell but just amazing

This one was my favourite: salmon ceviche with orange, sweet potato and touch of chilli

Nice and clever (I thought)

Sea bass with Japanese rice, salmon egg, nori and avocado. Delicious
This was sublime: grilled octopus. Copy of Choco Matte, however as good 

Seabass with purple cauliflower

Braised beef teriyaki with quinoa, delicious however my chef skills kicked in and I would suggest to braise the beef a bit longer so it melt in the mouth and that would have been a perfect dish in my opinion.

The only let down of the whole experience was the waitress. Bad attitude and limit rude. No eyes contact with Ko. We order a Sapporo beer and a soft drink, however the beer never arrived, so I asked nicely where is the beer, at this moment our nice waitress get frustrated and rude starting an argument with Ko about his drink choices. Shock and calm, just asked again can we have a beer please, and look at me, smile and said sure. 

In all our experiences in the industry, that was our first awkward interaction with a waitress.

Saying that different person who will have serve us would had create a perfect night out.

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